Monday 18 February 2013

Woodmax Paint Pte Ltd - Singapore Paints, Protective Coatings, Polyurethane Products, Nitro- Cellulose Products, Acid Catalyst Products, Outdoor Waterbase Products, Stains, Solvents

Woodmax Paint Pte Ltd
Woodmax Paint began its business in 2011 as a distributor and trader for wood finishes and paints. We are dedicated to deliver reliable and high quality wood finishes and paint products.

We understand your needs well. We don’t just offer you the products. What you need is the solution, a solution that enhances your business profitability and keeps your business operation smooth and problems free.

We emphasise on distributing consistent product quality, thus we always make sure our manufacturers are kept updated to the latest market changes and advanced wood coating technologies.

We believe in delivering reliable customer services, providing customise advice and offering 24 hours after sales and on-site support. This will ensure our products and services are always consistent and problems-free. 

We provide a full range of wood finishes and paint products which are highly recommended to use for furniture, door, window, flooring and decking.

Product Range:
Polyurethane products, Nitro-Cellulose products, Acid Catalyst products, Outdoor Waterbase products, Stains & Solvents

Company: Woodmax Paint Pte Ltd
Contact Name: Ivy Josephine Guo
Address: 22 Defu Lane 4, Singapore 539420
Tel: 6650 6113
Fax: 6748 5515
Web Site:
e-mail address:
Category: Paint & protective coatings, Wood finishes and paint, Lacquers, paints & coatings

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